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Here at POVS, we like to support the community in many ways; over the past decade, we have developed close partnerships with local animal rescue organizations such as All About the PAWS Dog Rescue, Animal Charity, and The Mercer County Humane Society. All of these organizations do great things for our community, and we appreciate all their hard work for the stray, abused, and neglected animals in the area.  We work hard in aiding these organizations with their mission by providing veterinary care to the sick, abused, and stray pets these organizations rescue and also sponsor events that benefit these great organizations. Our role is minimal compared to what these organizations do on a daily basis for these animals, but we definitely do as much as we can to make life better for these poor pets – Boomer, our Practice Manager and Owner, has even played the role of Santa for a pet photo shoot for the Shenango Valley Shelter to help find the rehabilitated pets their new Furever Homes!

Animal Charity is a 501 c3 registered non-profit organization with the only humane society in Mahoning County. Every year millions of pets are abused, neglected, or abandoned.  You can help save lives by reporting any animal abuse or neglect, and by adopting one of our rescued animals and giving them the loving home they deserve. Help us to help them!   

Rescues we get to meet


Lucky is quite the fighter! Lucky was having Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus, aka Bloat, which is a serious and life-threatening condition. Lucky was out for a walk when a caretaker noticed something wasn’t right. Even though Lucky had no symptoms, his stomach looked slightly full. She alerted the staff at Animal Charity and they quickly called us here at Penn-Ohio Veterinary Services.

​They rushed Lucky here and we did some diagnostic test and found that he indeed was in bloat.

Without any time to spare, Dr. Pearsall and her team performed life-saving emergency surgery. The bloat was severe and entangled his Spleen into the torsion. We had no choice but to remove his spleen as well. Lucky was critical. They were unsure if he would make it. However, after a few days in recovery we are happy to report Lucky is doing great! He is recovering like a champ! Please send Lucky all of your thoughts while he is still being monitored! We hope to continue to report even more good news soon!


On Jan. 30th 2019, the humane agents for Animal Charity seized three dogs. The air temperature that day was -2 and the wind chill was -25. They were cold, hungry, and sad in a way only chained dogs can be. They were all skinny, in need of medical care, and afraid of what would happen to them.

​Out of the 3 dogs Marnie was the only one that was heartworm positive with complications. She had multiple tests and consultations with several vets, including us here at POVS. She had congestive heart failure due to advanced heartworm disease. Her only option would be surgical removal, which is not only highly expensive but carries an incredibly high risk of death. After discussing the options for Marnie, Animal Charity decided that the kindest, most humane thing that they can do is to celebrate her life and let her reach the rainbow bridge being happy, loved, and in peace.

This is not what any of us wanted or hoped for when they rescued Marnie and her siblings, but they were are not going to let her pass in vain. Marnie had a bucket list to complete before she left us. She was loved in her final moments, and got to complete a lot of things on her bucket list.

Marnie would not have had to die if her owner would have kept her on heartworm preventative. Heartworm
is a completely preventable disease when your pet is kept on preventative year around.